The SMV 24 multi-purpose vessel is a unique 24m aluminium catamaran that delivers a true multi-role capability using its patented ISO compatible through-deck concept. By simply changing over ISO compatible modules, the vessel can be immediately re-employed from dive boat to accommodation or from ROV to windfarm support, to name a few


Marine SMV24

SMV 24

It has been produced in conjunction with our design and build partners and takes a new approach to the support of offshore facilities and operations. In particular, it is compliant with both DNV ✠1A1 HSLC R1 Windfarm Service 1 and UK MCA Category 1. The SMV also offers a truly revolutionary deck system that gives optimum flexibility of roles.


SC Innovation SMV24 V1.0

Download the SC Innovation SMV24 V1.0 as a PDF(1.83Mb)

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The SMV 24
SMV24 Exploding Diagram
The SMV 24 at sea
The SMV 24 at sea near an oil rig
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