Next Generation Optionally Manned


A new generation of extremely capable optionally manned all-terrain platform will soon be available. A Knowledge Transfer Project brought SC Innovation-Global and the University of Exeter together to explore every aspect of the ATMP design, retaining and enhancing its key features with state of the art intelligent control. The vehicle is currently in a comprehensive test phase.

Off road transportation involves operation in a dynamic environment where a multitude of elements have to be taken in to account. The ATMP represented the pinnacle of performance in terms of payload and mobility since its inception in the 1980s. This was achieved through incisive understanding of the users’ operating environment and applying best practice defence automotive mechanical and electrical engineering. Now computational theory, software and sensor technology brought about by advances in automotive racing, autonomy and robotics have significantly re-defined what is in the art of the possible for a vehicle of this nature. This ‘intelligent system’ uses contemporary control theory, complex real time data computation, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks to enable the vehicle to be ‘optionally manned’ in a range of hazardous and difficult environments.

A combination of robust vehicle motion modelling, real time mapping and localisation form the vehicle’s interaction with the environment. The awareness of where and how the vehicle is operating will gradually take the operator out of the loop as safety and use cases evolve and allow users greater latitude for multi-tasking. Key enhancements include the use of sensor fusion with the Inertial Navigation Systems, which will allow greater operational freedom in a GPS-poor environment and localisation, involving dynamic vehicle models, with efficient on-board processing of outputs from stereo-cam and LiDAR forming the 3D environment map. Object detection and categorisation is also provided to designate rules of interaction with the environment, personnel and other systems, which holds the potential for ATMP and other vehicles fitted with the scalable technology to be a part of Intelligent Battlefield Systems.

For more information the Optionally Manned technology, contact the SC Innovation team.


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