Lifeboat Launch and Recovery System

The Launch and Recovery System (L&RS) was developed in association with the RNLI in response to a requirement for an up to date and highly mobile transport system for a new class of lifeboat.

Among other things the client required that we design a vehicle that could:

  • Fit in their current boat houses
  • Be submersible to 9m and survive
  • Be possible to operate with minimum manpower
  • Have a wading capability of 2.4m while operational
  • Have at least a 50yr service life

Our Solution

Working with our client SC Innovation developed a “one solution fits all” system to suit 28 different locations with different beach conditions. Our design incorporated several unique and innovative features including a permanent, software controlled, four-track-drive system offering exceptional mobility in all beach conditions. The cradle that carries the boat rotates through 360 degrees to enable bow first launch & recovery.

“[SC Innovation] has produced a highly effective prototype system taking into account both a demanding technical specification and operator feedback after each trials stage. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with them in the detailed design of the pre-production system” RNLI Principal Naval Architect and Head of Engineering Support

  • Faster

The new launcher allows lifeboats to be launched and recovered 32% faster on average.

  • Leaner

The new launcher significantly reduces the number of people required to launch and recover a lifeboat.  Previously at least 14 people would be required for launch or recovery – often a significant factor in remote locations.  The new Launch and Recovery System requires a total of two people for the same task.

  • Safer

The new launcher offers significant improvements to operational health and safety.  Keeping crew members away from trap hazards was one of the key factors in the development of our solution to reduce the risk to the operators as far as practicable

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