Analysis & Validation

  • Proof of Concept
  • Performance prediction and verification
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Testing, Validation and Certification
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Resource Enhancement

Extensive in house experience gives SC Innovation the ability to offer a uniquely integrated approach to the analysis of structures and fluid dynamics. Our capabilities span linear/non-linear static and dynamic structural analysis, using proven methodologies validated to give a high degree of correlation against real life testing events.

Industry standard finite element software such as OptiStruct, LS-Dyna and ANSYS are used in the optimisation of structures for strength, stiffness and weight as well as more specialist areas such as crash worthiness and modal response/ NVH analysis.

Our experience with specialist vehicles and aerospace structures means our analysts are well versed in simulating the response of advanced materials under a diverse range of loadings. Close correlation with real world testing leads to a reduction in the amount of physical testing required, shortening development times and reducing overall project costs.

We use our CFD capacity to model airflow around complex automotive geometries that are designed for the harshest of environments. Fully applying RANS turbulence models, these studies are applied for vehicles with high thermal demands in dynamic environments, and are validated by our test engineers through industry standard static test trials and on-road data acquisition

Using in house or contracted test facilities, SC Innovation can offer trials, validation and certification services to a wide range of industry and legislative standards.  Our trials team have over 20 years trial planning and implementation experience and we are able to offer full data logging and trials support services.

Case Study: Impact Simulation for Nuclear Containers 


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