Nuclear Engineering Products  Nuclear Engineering Products

With offices in the UK Somerset Energy Innovation Centre (SEIC), SC Innovation sit alongside the key UK nuclear primes and other stakeholders.  This enables us to operate as an important nuclear supply chain member.  We have worked on a range of nuclear engineering projects from infrastructure and transportation to crush testing and analysis.  We are able to tap into the wider SC Group engineering offering which includes Blackhill Engineering’s fabrication services.  We have a core team of engineers who carry Triple Bar Nuclear accreditation. 

SC Innovation’s experience in the nuclear sector includes:

  • Design and specification of hot cells
  • Design of radioactive material transport containers to meet IAEA regulations
  • Prototype design and build for concept demonstrators
  • Multi-body dynamic analysis on power output
  • Load case definition
  • Test rig design and manufacture

Further details of our full engineering services can be found here

nuclear containers, solution engineering, impact simulation, analysis, testing validation and certification

Impact Simulation for Nuclear Containers

Due to our involvement in the defence sector, SC Group has a highly developed simulation and modelling capability in impact analysis. This skill has proved highly transferable to the nuclear sector.

Structural Tests on Water Filtration Components for Hinkley Point C

SC Innovation has completed structural tests on key water filtration components for Ovivo UK, which is supplying the cooling water intake screening system for Hinkley Point ‘C’.

Design Optimisation and Project Management of Temporary Jetty at Hinkley Point C

SC Innovation were contracted to provide design and project management support to support the fabrication work for a temporary jetty at Hinkley Point.


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