Impact Simulation for Nuclear Containers

SC Innovation have been working with Croft Ltd to develop a way of replicating physical crush and drop tests on a container designed to transport radioactive material (the Croft Safkeg).  Our experience with specialist vehicles and aerospace structures means that our analysts are well versed in impact analysis, simulation and modelling.

SC Innovation approached the project by conducting a range of dynamic simulation tests, using non-linear material properties.  Our engineers built a 3D model of the Safkeg assembly in sufficient detail to allow comparison with physical test evidence.  This allowed us to simulate the container damage when subjected to crush test (Hypothetical Accident Conditions).

Non-linear analysis was run using LS-Dyna. A rigid plate given initial velocity before impacting the keg.

  • Package mass 200kg
  • Crush plate mass 500kg
  • Height of drop 9m

Impact Analysis – De-risking Design Changes

The impact analysis carried out demonstrated that the simulated tests correlated very closely with the physical tests.  Areas of large deformation were seen to be similar in the analysis results. This validated the accuracy of the simulated tests.  It proved that simulated tests could be used instead of physical tests. This ultimately allows design changes to be de-risked prior to expensive physical testing being carried out.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) now approve simulation work as evidence of appropriate testing (in compliance with IAEA SS6 Safety regulations).

SC Innovation is becoming increasingly active in the nuclear sector.  We are Fit For Nuclear (F4N) accredited.  We are an established part of the Hinkley Point supply chain, along with our sister company, Blackhill Engineering (metal machinists and fabricators, also part of SC Group).

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