The growth of Engineering skills driven by the desire for a clean planet


Championing Improving Lives through Engineering.

Today, 2 November 2022, National Engineering Day, SC Group is proud to celebrate, Improving Lives through Engineering!

The organisation has over 40 years’ experience in automotive design, engineering and manufacturing, working across many sectors; working on local infrastructure projects to off-road vehicles; and designing innovation solutions for a variety of well-known brands: RNLI, Prestigious Car Co., Conquering Horizons, Fred Olsen, HPC plus so many more.

SC Group is contributing to the South West by boosting the region’s engineering capacity, thus enabling a number of projects to be released with the support of our local supply chain, and directly benefiting the economy and employment. With over 26% of the adult population employed in the UK’s engineering profession, SC Group id delighted it is contributing to the 8.1m people employed in the engineering field.

Did you know that over the next 30 years the demand for engineers is expected to grow significantly as a result of increasingly complex and urgent global challenges and rapid technological developments?  With a key challenge to drive down carbon emissions by 2035; clean energy is a priority for SC Group, demonstrated by SC’s Matt Harvey, Design Engineering winning the KTP Project 2022 for Electric Off Road Vehicle in-conjunction with University of Exeter and Innovate UK.

Matt Harvey Winner KTP Awards 2022
Matt Harvey Winner KTP Awards 2022

With research telling us that the younger generation is pursuing a career that is going to positively impact people’s lives, then with SC’s engineering vision to deliver innovations that seek to ‘Protect Lives and Protect the Planet’, the organisation is confident it will attract those people who have a similar vision; to make the world better for all.

For more information on how to get into engineering then please contact [email protected]

If you know someone who is interested in engineering then please share using #thisisengineering #engineeringatscgroup



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