Offshore Support Vessel

In collaboration with key design and build partners, we have developed a highly capable offshore support vessel, built to exacting standards and offering a truly revolutionary deck system that gives optimum flexibility of roles. SC Innovation’s patented SMV 24 concept can provide a major contribution to the total logistic support of offshore facilities worldwide.

This offshore support vessel takes a new approach to the support of offshore facilities and operations. In particular, it is compliant with both DNV 1A1 HSLC R1 Wind farm Service 1 and UK MCA Category 1 and so can travel up to 160 miles form a safe haven. This means that it is capable of servicing all of the round 3 wind farms.  The vessel has a truly revolutionary deck system that gives optimum flexibility of roles.

To date it has been used for offshore refuelling (cost-effective solution to manage refuelling and transport of windfarm temporary generators with the deck space supporting up to 8 generators per day (based on a standard 50kVA model weighing 2,780kg), underwater surveys, dive support vessel, ROV transfer vessel, offshore support vessel.

  • Flexible 

Can carry 2 x 20ft containers offering additional flexibility for carrying pre-packaged, role specific containerised solutions.  Removable bow to allow modification in line with individual customer requirements.  All container handling equipment and lashing points are removable to create a clear deck and remove trip hazards.  Reconfigurable upper deck, strengthened to allow installation of a removable and flexible 1030kg / 5.7m crane.  Soft patches installed to allow easy removal or installation of hull equipment.  Water making and sewage treatment facilities on board to allow the vessel to remain offshore and operate in MARPOL special areas.

  • Fast and Efficient

Can maintain 25 knots even with full payload with a maximum speed is 30 knots. Controllable pitch propellers for fuel efficiency.

  • Large Cargo Capacity

Cargo capacity of 30 tonnes in addition to fuel.  Further available space in hulls for additional storage/increased fuel capacity. Recessed anchor winch in to the underwing to give a clear deck/cargo wing and extra useable space.

  • Optimised Crew and Passenger Facilities

Two additional external control stations on bridge wings to assist with manoeuvring.  Resiliently mounted upper deck to increase passenger and crew comfort.  Large wet room offering space for transition from working gear to dry clothing. Up to 12 crew transported in one operation.

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