The growth of Engineering skills driven by the desire for a clean planet

Championing Improving Lives through Engineering.

Today, 2 November 2022, National Engineering Day, SC Group is proud to celebrate, Improving Lives through Engineering!

The organisation has over 40 years’ experience in automotive design, engineering and manufacturing, working across many sectors; working on local infrastructure projects to off-road vehicles; and designing innovation solutions for a variety of well-known brands: RNLI, Prestigious Car Co., Conquering Horizons, Fred Olsen, HPC plus so many more.

SC Group is contributing to the South West by boosting the region’s engineering capacity, thus enabling a number of projects to be released with the support of our local supply chain, and directly benefiting the economy and employment. With over 26% of the adult population employed in the UK’s engineering profession, SC Group id delighted it is contributing to the 8.1m people employed in the engineering field.

Did you know that over the next 30 years the demand for engineers is expected to grow significantly as a result of increasingly complex and urgent global challenges and rapid technological developments?  With a key challenge to drive down carbon emissions by 2035; clean energy is a priority for SC Group, demonstrated by SC’s Matt Harvey, Design Engineering winning the KTP Project 2022 for Electric Off Road Vehicle in-conjunction with University of Exeter and Innovate UK.

Matt Harvey Winner KTP Awards 2022
Matt Harvey Winner KTP Awards 2022

With research telling us that the younger generation is pursuing a career that is going to positively impact people’s lives, then with SC’s engineering vision to deliver innovations that seek to ‘Protect Lives and Protect the Planet’, the organisation is confident it will attract those people who have a similar vision; to make the world better for all.

For more information on how to get into engineering then please contact [email protected]

If you know someone who is interested in engineering then please share using #thisisengineering #engineeringatscgroup


Electric Off Road Vehicle takes home national award

Going Green – Electric Off Road Vehicle` KTP project wins national award for SC Group – University of Exeter partnership

KTP Awards 2022 Winner

The SC Group – University of Exeter Knowledge Transfer Partnership led by KTP Associate Matt Harvey have won the national Innovate UK KTP 2022 Award for Business Impact & Transformation for developing an electric drive version of the company’s ATMP (All Terrain Mobility Platform) – an industry first for the propulsion and control of a high mobility off road vehicle, which is used in defence or other hazardous operating environments, including search and rescue and utilities support.

The award recognises how the two-year KTP has developed the expertise and know-how to make military and off highway vehicles more capable and environmentally sustainable, and  transformed SC Group’s capabilities to create new commercial opportunities.  These include the Group’s Supacat business converting its HMT `Jackal` to hybrid electric drive for the British Army and contributed to a number of high mobility system projects outside of the defence sector via the Group’s SC Innovation business.

Business Impact and Transformation Winner

Design Engineer Matt, who joined the Devon high mobility vehicle specialist full time on completion of the KTP, also has a BEng in Motorsport Engineering. Matt said, “‘The award was a fantastic way to summarise the work done during and since the KTP to establish a technology within a sector that hadn’t previously been exploited. I’d like to thank the University of Exeter’s KTP team along with Professor Chris Smith as well as everyone from SC Group that assisted in making the KTP a reality, especially Steve Austen, Simon Turner, Mark Field and Yash Katare”.

Steve Austen, Engineering Director, SC Group, said, ‘This is a prestigious award as it recognises the impact the project has had on the company. We have translated its outcomes into profitable, sustainable business with a number of new customers and sectors through embedding the knowledge and expertise gained by Matt Harvey and Yash Katare (our second project associate working on optionally crewed vehicles) into the company, in keeping with the core principles of the KTP scheme.

‘Congratulations to Matt, who led a brilliant project and to Yash, Simon Turner and Mark Field for providing such sterling support and company supervision of these projects. I should also like to extend my sincere thanks to Prof Chris Smith and Sophie O’Callaghan at the University of Exeter and to Dr Andy Treen at Innovate UK for making this such a successful and enjoyable team effort – the impact of this project will shape the business for years to come.’

Innovate UK’s Andy Treen, Knowledge Transfer Adviser for Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, said, “It was fantastic work on such an interesting project with Supacat and Exeter University. The project has more than delivered on its ambitious goals with every partner gaining significant benefits. The KTP associate, Matt Harvey, was central to the project and his skills, enthusiasm and dedication have been rightly recognised by the KTP Award.”

Prof Chris Smith, Director of the Centre for Future Clean Mobility, who was lead supervisor for Matt Harvey whilst he was KTP Associate working between the University and Supacat, states: “Matt was an outstanding employee, calmly and steadily working out how best to electrify the ATMP vehicle. This was a first in class, so nobody knew the answers beforehand. What Matt achieved in the end worked incredibly well from both the engineering and the business points of view. This work is helping shape the progress of electrification of defence vehicles in the UK and beyond.”

Watch the KTP Awards Ceremony.

Prototype e-ATMP electric launch vehicle shown to the RNLI

Electric Vehicle Demonstration at Weston-super-Mare Beachfront

The SC Innovation demonstration proved the prototype e-ATMP’s towing capability conveying a D-Class boat over the pebble beach in both crewed and teleoperated modes. The 6×6 vehicle can tow a range of small boats – the base vehicle for e-ATMP is the company’s All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) `workhorse`, capable of hauling payloads up to 1600kg over demanding terrain.

e-ATMP offers a variety of low carbon options, from battery electric to hybrid power for extended range.  It uses a common hybrid electric drivetrain with six electric motors attached to each wheel, each of which can be customised through different powering options depending on the task, range, payload and operating environment.

The prototype e-ATMP is the product of an Innovate UK-supported Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Devon based SC Innovation and The University of Exeter to develop electric drive for off highway and teleoperated vehicles.

The RNLI is collaborating with a broad range of organisations to support the development of alternatives to fossil fuelled vehicles and vessels as part of its Sustainable Decarbonisation Plan and to ensure that it is well prepared for future capability requirements.

SC Innovation previously collaborated with the RNLI to jointly develop the Shannon Class Launch & Recovery Vehicle.

Toby Cox, SC Innovation, said: “Following the trial at RNLI Weston super Mare, we believe the e-ATMP’s versatility, the electric drive train and teleoperation capability offer a fully rounded boat towing solution for a variety of conditions, and acts as a spring board for developing a carbon neutral small craft launch and recovery capability”.




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